Adaptation of Pilsen to changing climate

Report summarizing the outcomes of the first participatory workshop “Adaptation of Pilsen to changing climate”.
The participatory workshop was organized in Pilsen on 21st April 2015 by CzechGlobe, together with the Urban Planning and Development Institute of the City of Pilsen and the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation.
The workshop aimed to identify key problems related to climate change impacts to the city of Pilsen currently and in near future (2030). The identified climate related problems include lack of rainwater retention areas in the city, extreme temperatures and urban heat island development, floods, only on source of drinking water for the city. Furthermore, selected ecosystem-based adaptation measures were assessed by participants according to several criterions, such as financial, technical feasibility of the measures, time demand, etc.
The outcomes of the first round of participatory workshops will be utilized within subsequent activities of UrbanAdapt project, as inputs for economic evaluation of particular adaptation measures, basis for institutional analysis, etc. The second round of the seminars will be held in autumn 2015, which will mainly focus on presentation of preliminary project outcomes, discussions concerning adaptation planning in the cities and development of the adaptation strategies.
The project report summarizes outcomes of the first participatory workshop in Pilsen (in Czech only).