Praha (EN)

Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, with 1.267 million inhabitants. Prague is currently at a crossroads in its development. The city wants to be a lively and dynamic, actively preparing for future challenges; or will it only ever benefit from its glorious past?

Key is effective, legitimate and predictable public administration utilizing clever technologies of the 21st century. The city also aims to increase public participation in decision making of public administration.   Prague also needs to remain culturally and socially open, consistent and supportive town for an active life for all generations.
Importantly, environmental and aesthetic quality of the city influences its competitiveness and lifestyles of local inhabitants. Urban areas need to encourage local residents to stay, inspire and need to meet the high requirements concerning sustainability, mobility and economy.

Constantly accelerating technological development relies on the flexibility of the cities and their ability to effectively respond to current and future challenges, such as climate change. Consequently, Prague will need to find a way how to adapt – to the changing conditions and environment.